About Us

Makins.com.au is the WHOLESALE website for the distribution of Makins® Brand products in Australia. Metal Clay Australasia Pty Ltd are the primary distributors and suppliers of Makins® Brand products. We carry a large inventory of Makins® Brand products which include Makin's Clay®, Makin's Clay® Tools, Makin's Clay® Professional Tools, Makin's Clay® Cutters, Makin's Clay® Texture Sheets and Makin's Clay® Push Molds.

The Makins brand of products are unique because they form a whole creative system - not simply clay.

Makins products serve the interests of a wide cross section of the craft and hobby community, including scrap booking, polymer clay, metal clay, ceramics, jewellery making and sugar craft/cake decorating. We invite you to look at the comprehensive collection of products that make up the amazing Makins Creative System.

Makins Clay conforms to ACMI-AP safety and quality standards and is completely safe for use by adults and children over the age of three. Makins is unique because it is a whole creative system - not simply clay.

We currently stock Makins Clay in one basic colour: White 500 grams. For additional colours you can mix the clay with any acrylic paints.

The Makins Tools, Cutters, Texture Sheets and Moulds are the perfect accessory for all creative crafters who use clay or similar soft moulding products. Polymer Clay, Metal Clay, Scrapbookers, Sugar Crafters and Cake Decorators alike, will find most of the Makin's products, extremely useful. They have been thoughtfully and expertly designed to meet every creative need.